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Entblock is the entertainment NFT that gives members possibility to play and earn every day, in many ways. EntBlock is a development of a well proven technology & crypto company with a proven track record, with a fully in-house developed modular and flexible tech platform. With EntBlocks NFT white label solutions we will be able to democratize NFT into Entertainment. In fact, any community, charity, or single person will be able to use EntBlocks platform and set up their own NFTs and engage with their peers. Fully decentralized, fully transparent, and fully automated.

Software Platforms

Your Powerhouse for Possibilities with our platforms. We offer turnkey solutions within Game-tech.

Module CRM

A high-end software experience developed using industry leading gaming expertise and platforms.

  • Market-leading gaming content
  • Seamless NFT earnings
  • Compliant
  • Multi-language and multi-currency with blockchain
  • NFT entertainment available through full integration.
  • Unique gaming experience for both desktop and mobile gaming.
  • Monthly releases of new games, ensuring regular, fresh content for players.


Customer experience/
Marketing tools

Facilitated by an advance inhouse and outsourced platform that integrate channels, context and optimize your workforce and processes.

Stay in control

On the Blockchain, Decentralized , crypto payments, fraud controls and marketing features.

EntBlock IDO

Entblock Token is our own Token. We are looking to raise money to create a new way of entertainment. Interested investors can buy into the offering and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by Entblock. This token will have some utility in using the product or service our company is offering. You will be able to trade the token on a few selected platforms.

If you are interested in our IDO please connect below.

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We are a strong team of professionals that’s been working within Crypto, Law, entertainment, and finance for the past years. Now giving our 100% focus to Entblock Solutions.

We want to bring a new generation of entertainment by combining crypto with entertainment.


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The Entblock Project, which encompasses the token, is an experimental project in the newly emerging field of cryptocurrency gaming.
Entblock does not guarantee product success, in fact the chances of product failure is incredibly high. There are many associated risks such as poor cryptocurrency user experience, slow adoption processes, hacking, crypto legalities and many more. When using Entblock’ services it is essential to be aware of these risks. Entblock is a pioneer in the emerging cryptocurrency gaming sector, trying to create something new and fascinating. The token is designed to enhance gaming and community experience on gaming platforms. The token is a UTILITY token. It has no profit sharing, dividends or any other features associated with securities.

Legal compliance risk
Blockchain technology, consumer tokens and staking are features that have never coexisted in one product before. The law concerned with such features is in the early stages of development. The team does its best to be compliant and if necessary, Entblock can make changes without prior notice in order to operate in line with emerging legal regulations. There is a possibility that you can lose all or part of your money. Entblock, its employees, directors and other partners shall not be held accountable for any loss of money.